The Natural Weight Loss Diet Pill - Risks and Benefits

If you've ever tried to lose weight, you should be familiar with the wide range of weight loss pills available in the market. From simple herbal solutions to complex chemical compounds, it seems you'll never run out of options. But it's also common knowledge that not all of them are reliable. That's why it's best to stick to the basics: eat less and exercise more.

However, some people have conditions that make the usual diet and exercise regimen ineffective.

Reasons for this include hormonal problems, heart disease, and muscle or bone weakness. If this is your case, a natural weight loss diet pill may be your best bet. Read on to find out why.

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Why go natural?

Many diet pills contain extenders or preservatives that may block the active ingredients, making them less effective. Some of these chemicals may even be harmful to your health. A natural weight loss diet pill, on the other hand, contains little to no additives. This means you get the full potency of the product and have a lower risk of developing side effects. And because it's natural, they're easier to digest and absorb, so there's none of the gas and stomach pain associated with other weight loss products.

Who takes natural diet pills?

Anyone with a weight problem can benefit from a natural weight loss diet pill. In fact, they are recommended for people with sensitive stomachs and allergies because they are not likely to cause adverse reactions. Most doctors allow diet pills for people aged 14 and up. The limit varies, but your doctor should know whether supplements will work for your particular condition.

Some restrictions

You should stay away from any natural weight loss diet pill if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, or have specific food restrictions. If you have recently undergone surgery or are planning to do so, tell your doctor in advance. Supplements can cause complications with your surgery, such as increased bleeding, clotting, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure.

Know your jargon

The word "natural" is no doubt the selling point of the natural weight loss diet pill. But as any doctor will tell you, natural isn't always safe. Here are some words you might come across:

Natural: Natural simply means that the ingredients are found in nature. It doesn't mean that they have not been processed or mixed with certain chemicals. Examples of natural ingredients are herbs, naturally occurring minerals, and animal hormones.

Herbal: This indicates that the product is made from plant sources. However, note that not all plants are safe. Ephedra, for example, is a popular fat burner made from an herb called ma huang. In 2003, the FDA banned ephedra from all products because of serious and sometimes fatal side effects.

Organic: Organic products are those that have undergone little to no processing. The herbs used are wildly grown, without any genetic modifications. They are considered the most natural and therefore safest weight loss products. However, they can be expensive--it's common for an organic weight loss pill to cost five times as much as its herbal or natural counterparts.

Read labels carefully

Make sure that your pills contain the right balance of natural ingredients. Some ingredients cancel out each other's effects when taken together, while others can cause adverse reactions when digested. Check the nutritional label for any harmful additives such as sodium, sugar, and silica.
Your natural weight loss diet pill should also be formulated and approved by medical authorities. Some companies simply throw a bunch of herbs together and label it a weight loss supplement. If you find a contact number on the package, call up the company and ask to see the results of their study. An honest manufacturer should have no problems providing you with proof of their product's quality.

Consult your doctor

Since weight loss pills are considered health supplements (as opposed to medicinal products), they are not strictly regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As such, many substandard products still make it to the shelves. It's up to the consumers to tell the good ones from the bad. To stay safe, always consult your doctor before taking any natural weight loss diet pill. He or she will know which products will work best depending on your current weight and health condition.

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