The Secret To Weight Loss

I'm going to empower you today with the "Secret to Weight Loss!" It is a secret that has the power to absolutely change your life, especially once you know how to apply it. And, it is a secret that is so obvious that for most people it remains hidden from view. However, once you learn this secret you will feel several different emotions. You will feel let down because it is not some exotic, magical formula that will melt away all your excess pounds although it has the power to do just that. You will feel a little silly that you hadn't thought of it before now. You will feel frustrated that no one told you this especially if you spent good money on diet programs. And, you will feel guilty because it will remove your last remaining excuse for not being able to loose the weight.

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The Secret to Weight Loss Revealed!

Let me warn you again about the emotions you are going to feel when I reveal this secret. The key to handling these emotions is to understand how to apply the secret to your own personal life. I will help you do that but you must continue to read the rest of the article. The secret to weight loss is found in the following formula:

Calories In vs. Calories Out = Weight Gain, Weight Loss or Weight Stays the Same

The formula is that simple and the secret to weight loss is in how to apply the formula. "Calories In" represents the calories you bring into your body through the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. "Calories Out" represents the calories your body burns up based on your metabolism and the activities you participate in. If the "Calories In" are greater than the "Calories Out" you will gain weight. If the "Calories In" are less than the "Calories Out" then you will loss weight. And, if the "Calories In" is equal to the "Calories Out" your weight will stay the same.

Application of the Secret to Weight Loss

You could go for extensive testing to determine your basal metabolism and how many calories your body burns up per day. You could have somebody analyze your food intake to determine the number of calories you are consuming on a daily basis. But there is an easier method to determine where you are at in the challenge of the scale. Just ask yourself this one question: "Has my weight stayed the same over the last four weeks?" Your answer will reveal what you need to do in relationship to weight loss.

If your weight has remained the same over the last four weeks, then your "Calories In" consumption equals your "Calories Out" expenditure. If your goal is to lose weight, then the application of this formula becomes extremely powerful because you have three methods for losing your weight.

o Method 1 - Reduce Your Caloric Intake!

o Method 2 - Increase Your Caloric Expenditure!

o Method 3 - Do Both!

We will discuss these methods in greater detail in just a minute. But first we need to address those who have seen there weight increase over the last 4 weeks. Let's say you've seen a 2 pound weight gain over the last 4 weeks. There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. By using the following formula you can calculate (on average) how many extra calories you are consuming on a daily basis over your caloric expenditure:

# of pounds gained times 3500 divided by 28 days equals extra calories per day

2 x 3500 divided by 28 = 250 calories per day

By using the above example with this formula, you are consuming 250 more calories each day than what you are burning up through your metabolism and activities. If you used Method 1 then you would need to decrease your caloric intake by 250 calories to stop the weight gain. If you used Method 2 then you would need to increase your activity level by 250 calories to stop the weight gain. Or, you could use a combination of Methods 1 & 2 to eliminate the extra 250 calories per day so that your weight remained stable.

Method 1 - Reduce Your Caloric Intake!

The easiest and fastest way to drive your weight loss program is through Method 1. Method 1 doesn't have to be an extreme program of caloric reduction. Remember, you most likely didn't gain all your weight rapidly but over a period of time. So, look to eliminate 50 to 100 calories at each of your meals. Here are some suggestions:

o The most powerful step you can take is this one. Switch from soda to water. A 12 oz soft drink has 140-150 calories and water has ZERO! The average American consumes 1.5 cans per day. Switching to water would save them 230 calories per day. Don't make the mistake of switching to diet pop! Diet pops do not eliminate thirst. Diet pops do not eliminate hunger. Water does! Plus, much of the water in diet pop is needed by your liver to help it remove toxins so little of it goes to the cells. This affects your metabolism in a negative way.

o Cut your spreads in half. One ounce of butter or cream cheese is 100 calories. Cut the amount you use in half and you just saved 50 or more calories. If you don't want to cut the amount, then switch to an alternative. Instead of butter use Smart Balance Light Butter Spread at 47 calories per ounce. If you use regular jam on your bread then switch to Sugar-Free. You will go from 50 calories to 10 and save yourself 40 calories.

o Find alternatives. Instead of mayonnaise try tomatoes and mustard to save 50 calories. Instead of a vending size bag of potato chips at 155 calories try an apple or pear at 90 calories for a 65 calorie savings plus needed fiber. Instead of a high-fat creamy dressing substitute a low-fat dressing to save 80 to 150 calories. Choosing a grilled piece of meat instead of a breaded, deep-fried piece of meat will save you 80 calories.

o Reduce the portion size. You like French Fries then choose the small size at 210 calories vs. the medium at 450 calories or the large at 540 calories for a savings of 90 to 330 calories depending upon your choice. Stop eating the "Super Size" meals because all they are doing is making you "Super Sized!" Take half of your restaurant meal home in a "doggy bag" since many restaurant meals top out at 1700 calories or more. If you don't feed it to your dog, then you've got a meal for the next day which saves you both calories and money. Instead of a 12 ounce glass of juice go with a 6 ounce glass of juice and save yourself 85 calories.

To help you in your search for ways to reduce your caloric intake just Google "calorie counting" and you will find a host of very good websites that will help you find alternative foods and options. Just remember if you try a new product that doesn't meet your taste standards, than continue looking. Don't give up and revert back to your old ways. Also, don't cut a lot of calories out of your small meals especially breakfast and lunch. To do so will leave you low on energy and may set you up to overeat at your next meal.

Method 2 - Increase Your Caloric Expenditure!

Exercise is the primary way to increase your caloric expenditure but it will not have the same impact on weight management as Method 1. I know there are a lot of exercise people about to disagree with me but here are the hard cold facts. The average person who weighs 175 lbs. and works out at a moderate level for 30 minutes will expend about 250 calories. Remember that small size order of French Fries at 210 calories. It doesn't take you 30 minutes to eat those French Fries. Exercise is important in weight management but it is more important to your general overall health. Find activities that will naturally add to your caloric expenditure like:

o Play with your children. No only will it create a special bond but light to moderate playing for 30 minutes will burn up 111 to 159 calories for a 175 lbs. person.

o Sit up rather than lie down. Just the change in your position from lying on the couch to sitting up will help you burn more calories at a rate of approximately 60 more per hour.

o Deliberately choose to expend more calories. Instead of finding the closest parking space to the front door park at the back of the lot and walk. Instead of taking the elevator to go to the second or third floor use the stairs. Instead of having someone else wipe down your car at the car wash wipe it down yourself. Instead of letting the dust collect around the house do some general cleaning. All these extra activities can help you burn an extra 100 calories during the day.

o Find an activity you enjoy and enjoy it. Whether it be a leisurely bike ride, a bowling group, general exercise, basketball, soccer, gardening, playing a musical instrument or some other activity, 30 minutes spent could burn anywhere from 100 to 250 calories depending upon your weight and intensity.

o Drink water. Just this simple activity will do wonders for improving your energy and general metabolism. This will help you burn more calories throughout the day.

One of my favorite websites is which allows you to figure out your caloric expenditure by listing your activity, weight and time duration. Plus, they offer other free resources to help you in your weight management journey.

Method 3 - Do Both!

This is the real key to weight management because it works both sides of the equation to drive a more effective weight loss program and weight management lifestyle. It will have a positive impact on your general overall health and be a contributing factor in slowing down the aging process.

Now you know the "Secret to Weight Loss!" It's not mysterious. It's not complicated. It has no agenda. It doesn't sell any type of product. But, it works all the time. Enjoy your new found power to take charge of your weight management lifestyle by harnessing the power of this equation to reshape yourself and your life.

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