Hoodia Weight Loss - The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hoodia Weight Loss

Hoodia weight loss is becoming increasingly popular, however, how effective and safe is it or is Hoodia just a scam? This review article will answer the most frequently asked questions about losing weight with this method.

The Sans Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert have been enjoying the appetite suppressant qualities of the Gordonii cactus plant for hundreds of years. However, it's only in relatively recent times with such programs like 60 Minutes, the BBC and the Oprah Winfrey Show that the rest of the world has learnt the benefits of this plant.

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The plant loves the conditions in South Africa and that is the only place where it is cultivated and harvested for product production. The British pharmaceutical firm known as Phytopharm holds the patent to the P57 molecule which they isolated from the plant. However, that does not mean that they hold a licence to the whole plant and every weight loss product made from it.

There has been a massive influx of products made from this natural source as a result of the increasing publicity and apparently good results following use of these products. These supplements have various names including Chaser, Balance, Dex L10. There are even chewing gum brands and lollypops which are said to curb the appetite.

Invariably, as usually happens, this has meant that unscrupulous merchants have come in to take advantage of this by creating fake imitation supplements that more often than not contain no part of the cactus at all and sometimes contain even harmful chemicals that can have disastrous side effects on men and women wanting to lose weight from them.

As a result of this I have put together some buying tips in order to ensure that you buy pure Gordonii products to help you avoid getting ripped off.

Here is what you MUST look out for before making a buying decision:

Every genuine, pure product must have a Certificate of Authenticity. If there is no Certificate of Authenticity or CITES Certificate then you can safely assume that the product is NOT genuine.

The plant is only harvested from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa so don't buy anything that has originated from any other place in the world.

Hoodia concentrate is not cheap. If the product seems very cheap you can safely assume that it does NOT contain any part of the succulent at all and should be avoided.

It is only the stem of the plant that contains the P57 molecule. As a result of this supplements are on the market today that have been manufactured from other parts of the plant. Thereby they are useless and don't have the ability to suppress the appetite at all.

There are a wide variety of these plants in South Africa. However, it is ONLY the Gordonii plant that actually has the P57 molecule which suppresses the appetite so any product made from a different species is a complete waste of money.

It is absolutely critical that when you go about your task of choosing a weight loss product that you know that the supplement you are buying is both authentic and pure.

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