Is Weight-Loss Surgery for You

There are many people that think that weight-loss surgery is the best thing to come along to finally end their constant dieting. Nothing could be farther from the truth, however, because if anything, weight-loss surgery demand even more focus on your diet and lifestyle. While it's true that surgery will help anyone lose weight, a surgical procedure itself is not the reason for the weight-loss.

Losing weight continues to be based on the facts that a person needs to exercise more and eat less. I'll weight-loss plans, treatments, surgeries, and diets etc. are all based on this single fact. One cannot lose weight without cutting the number of calories eaten daily or by burning up additional calories through activities and exercise.

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Think about all the weight-loss plans and programs that are advertised on the television. Virtually all of them are based on a restricted calorie diet while they encourage you to get up and be more active. As you can see, there's no magic plan and unfortunately no magic weight-loss surgery either.

The benefit of bariatric or weight-loss surgery is that you will have a feeling of fullness after eating very small amounts of food. Now this may sound like a good idea to someone who hasn't had the surgery. The fact is that food is much more than an energy source for humans. The social aspects of eating cannot be minimized and neither should the emotional feelings that come with food.

While physically you may feel full, the fact that you have an eaten enough emotionally means that you will be unsatisfied. It's the psychological part of any weight-loss plan including surgery that's the most difficult to address. You must be psychologically prepared to do without the emotional comfort food offers to many.

From a societal point of view, imagine the difficulties of dealing with business lunches and family get-togethers and not being able to eat. This is the reality of what a weight-loss surgery patient is expected to live with on a daily basis.

A good surgical prospect is one that is more than 100 pounds over their ideal weight and are starting to have health concerns are difficulties. These are the people who have tried all the diets programs and plans without success. It's only through being extremely motivated that anyone can overcome the social and emotional aspects of eating and food.

Make no mistake, these are very strong and deeply seated characteristics of many humans. Our high-tech lifestyle has moved us from very active physically and demanding work to intellectual endeavors. It has unfortunately not helped us with the very issues that have caused the obesity epidemic.

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